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on which your business will FLOURISH,

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Do What You Do Best

You’re entrepreneurial.

Wildly creative.

Making a difference.

You’ve built an incredible business. And it’s working! Maybe too well.

You’re overwhelmed. Still working too much. Not doing the work you love anymore.

We can put order to the chaos. Identify and solve the combination of functional issues causing the hold up. Provide guidance along the way. Even do some of the work for you!

The Foundation of our work

Your vision. Your business. Your resilience. Your success.

Maximizing your time and investment to deliver results.

Being a positive, supportive, and trusted business partner.

Pairing audacious goals with sustainable growth.

Empowering your team to do their best work.

Integrity. Always.

We help creative, wellness, and mission-driven businesses build a solid framework for growth

Diagnosing and resolving the combination of functional issues impacting your business

Creating systems and processes for efficient, effective operations

Developing your team, workplace culture, and customer service standards

Developing your skills as a business leader and people manager

Identifying and tracking the most important performance metrics driving your business success

A Solid Foundation

Our Four-Step Process

Our four-step process takes a methodical, manageable, and measured approach to building a solid, long-lasting foundation for your business by making sure all of its functional areas are in place, working splendidly, and serving your goals.



Diagnose and resolve the combination of issues impacting your business by assessing all its various functional areas.

Action Plan

Make a roadmap for addressing these issues by breaking solutions down into manageable steps and reasonable goals!


Identify the most important performance and financial metrics driving your business success and monitor them for data-driven decisions.


Provide coaching for you, training for your team, and help you meet your action plan goals as COO, CFO, or HR Director for Hire.

Sheryl Woodhouse

From Our Founder

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself—as a founder and small-business manager. For 25 years now.

I’m a creative too, and learned early on that if I wanted to make a living doing what I loved, I needed to routinize operations, get a firm grasp on the numbers, and learn how to manage a team. This would free up my time for the more important (and more fun) work I wanted to do!

Then I became really good at those things, better than I was at my art, and realized that what I love most is the creativity of entrepreneurship. Of building and leading a business.

I can help you! And can’t wait to hear about YOUR business. I promise that the investment in its foundation is worth it—to both your work and personal life—and to your financial success.

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