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in structure, lies freedom.



STRUCTURE is the combination of operational systems, processes, and company culture that allows your business to operate without your day-to-day involvement.

FREEDOM means doing more of the work you love and enjoying your life in ways that fulfill you!

We help creative, wellness, and mission-driven businesses build a solid framework for growth through

        • Diagnosing and resolving the combination of functional issues impacting your business
        • Creating systems and processes for efficient, effective operations
        • Developing your team, workplace culture, and customer service standards
        • Developing your skills as a business leader and people manager
        • Identifying and tracking the most important performance metrics driving your business success






Action Plan



Your vision, your business, your resilience, your success.

The foundation of our work

Cultivating a work/life balance for you and your employees.

Empowering your team to do their best work.

Making cool, meaningful jobs for people—as many as you can, or as many as you’d like.

Focusing on continuous improvement and incremental changes to KPIs.

Pairing audacious goals with sustainable growth. 

Maximizing your time and investment to deliver results.

Being a positive, supportive, and trusted business partner.

Exceptional customer service—no exceptions.

Impeccable financials, data collection, and record keeping.

Integrity. Always.


About Sheryl

Sheryl Woodhouse


Sheryl is an entrepreneur, COO, and business growth consultant with an MBA and 25 years’ experience starting and growing creative and mission-driven businesses and mentoring their owners.

She founded a pioneering and multi-award-winning recycled paper and invitation company at the start of the green products movement, an urban forest nonprofit, and has been instrumental in growing other businesses through various leadership roles.

Over the years, she has helped clients in visual art, music, and film, holistic health, sustainability, and travel. Most recently she served as Chief Operating Officer of music tech PR firm, rock paper scissors, where, through significant changes to eight KPIs, restructuring roles, and building the team and company culture, she led the company to triple staff and revenues, quadruple profits, earn Best Places to Work status, and continue on to further growth.

Her specialties are operations, leadership coaching, and cultivating business strategies for long-term stability. What she loves most about entrepreneurship is the creativity of bringing forth a vision into reality and making cool jobs for people.

She’s an avid traveler who enjoys healthy cooking, doing anything outdoors, improving her Spanish, and lots of reading.

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