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Our Four-Step Process


Our four-step process takes a methodical, manageable, and measured approach to building a solid, long-lasting foundation for your business by making sure all of its functional areas are in place, working splendidly, and serving your goals.



Diagnose and resolve the combination of issues impacting your business by assessing all its various functional areas.

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Targeted Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

You have one big issue plaguing your business and need to get at its root cause and address all of the factors involved. Includes:

      • 2-hour initial consultation
      • Further assessment of the functional areas involved at the root of the issue, which typically involves interviewing employees, and reviewing your systems, workflow, and financials.
      • Brief written report articulating the issue’s contributing factors

Comprehensive Assessment and Follow-up Consultation

You want to make sure you’re covering all bases and building the most solid foundation possible for your business and its ongoing success. Complete our 25-page DIY Comprehensive Assessment, which allows you to take a close look at all functional areas of your company, including:


Leadership | Strategy | Human Resources | Products & Services

Operations | Customer Service | Finance | Marketing & PR | Sales | Technology


and assess where you need to focus efforts going forward. When you’re finished, meet with us to review and analyze your findings and discuss potential next steps.

This assessment will be an indispensable go-to checklist you can use to keep yourself on track and making progress for years to come!


Make a roadmap for addressing these issues by breaking solutions down into manageable steps and reasonable goals!

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You’d like us to provide a roadmap for addressing the issues you’re having by breaking solutions down into manageable steps and reasonable goals. Action Plans are the next logical step after a targeted or comprehensive assessment and include:

      • At least one to two dozen recommended action items
      • These recommendations broken down by functional area
      • Suggestions for how to accomplish them and who can accomplish them for you
      • Time and costs involved in completing the recommendations
      • Prioritization, start dates, and deadlines for completing the recommendations
      • The potential ROI on completing the recommendations


Identify the most important performance and financial metrics driving your business success and monitor them for data-driven decisions.

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You want to start making data-driven decisions or just need some better tools for doing so.


KPI Identification and Dashboard

You want help identifying the most important performance and financial metrics driving your business success and ways to start monitoring them. Identifying and tracking these Key Performance Indicators are often a critical item in your Action Plan. Includes:

      • 1 to 2-hour initial consultation
      • Comprehensive and custom-tailored Excel Metrics Dashboard for viewing your entire company and all KPIs at a glance.
      • Training session on the monthly maintenance and review of your dashboard.

Business Optimization Tool

You want a quantifiable tool that considers decision variables and constraints for meeting your financial objectives. By experimenting with prices, labor, number of products or services sold, you can understand what’s needed to achieve your financial goals and make decisions based on real numbers, not your hunches. Includes:

      • 1 to 2-hour initial consultation
      • Custom-tailored Excel Business Optimization Tool designed specifically for your business’s needs
      • Training session on how to use your Business Optimization Tool


Provide coaching for you, training for your team, and help you meet your action plan goals as COO, CFO, or HR Director for Hire.

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COO/CFO/HR Director For Hire

You’d like some temporary part-time help with:

      • Business operations
      • Budgeting, financial reporting, and analysis
      • Recruiting, hiring, and training employees
      • Managing related culture change necessary for growth
      • Completing our recommendations in the Action Plan we created for you
      • Holding you accountable to getting the recommendations done yourself

Weekly Coaching

You need just a little motivation, guidance, and a sounding board on a regular basis. This is a great option for owners or new managers who want assistance developing your leadership skills to more effectively manage your growing team or want to do the work of addressing issues found in an assessment on your own. Includes 1-hour video call, your action item list for the week, and a midweek follow-up.


Ask us about our Ethical Leadership, Practical Management, and Customer Service training.

Getting Started

Working With Us

  • Request a free 45-minute consultation.
  • After meeting with us, we’ll prepare a proposal with our suggestions for working together and have it to you within 48 hours.
  • Review our proposal and rate sheet. Provide feedback and review our edits until you are satisfied with the Scope of Work.
  • Typically, the Scope of Work will include at least 2 and ideally, 3-4 components:
    Assessment – Action Plan – Analytics – Assistance.
  • We both sign an NDA, and a contract outlining the Scope of Work, Deliverables, Timeline, and Budget.

We’ll schedule our first steps and get right to work!


Our Guarantee

We want you to feel the sense of freedom that comes from building a solid foundation for your business! If you follow and use our assessments, action plans, analytical tools, and assistance, and are not completely satisfied, please talk with us. We will waive our fees or continue working until you are happy with the outcome of our work together. Your success is our success.

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