Comprehensive DIY Assessment


25-page DIY Comprehensive Assessment


This 25-page comprehensive assessment will allow you to take a close look at the 14 different functional areas of your business and help you build a solid foundation on which it will flourish!

  • Each category has a checklist of critical systems-building features that nearly all businesses need for efficient and effective operations and enduring success.
  • Some are phrased as action items and others as concepts to learn and incorporate into your business. Most sections also include the key metrics you’ll want to monitor to gauge your success in that functional area.
  • As you read through and consider each item, you decide whether it is something
    • you’ve already accomplished or do consistently
    • is not a priority
    • is a priority that you will handle and schedule, or
    • is something that you need help implementing

This assessment will be an indispensable go-to checklist that you can use to keep yourself on track and making progress for years to come!

TERMS: This assessment has been compiled from over 25 years of experience and education, and is meant for your singular use only. If you find it useful, please refer your friends to to purchase a copy of their own. Thank you for your courtesy and for spreading the word!